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School Of Calisthenics | Tim & Jacko

This week on the Podcast Carl Paoli talks to Tim Stevenson and David “Jacko” Jackson, the founders of The School of Calisthenics.

Rising | Caroline Burckle

Caroline is not only a top level swimmer who stood on the podium with a bronze medal around her neck at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Caroline is someone who understands performance beyond the physical. Caroline gets it when it comes to developing the mental and emotional side of performance as well.

Company Spirit | Sheena Lister

In this Episode of the podcast Carl sits down with his long time friend Sheena Lister, founder of Workforce Athletics (WFA.)

Going Right | Logan Gelbrich

Logan is a thought leader who is obsessed with the idea of pursuing one’s peak expression even knowing that the chances of achieving said expression are slim to none.

AMRAP Mentality | Jason Khalipa

In today’s episode Carl sits down with Jason Khalipa – The CrossFit Games champion and the Founder and Owner of NCFit.

Freestyle Way Podcast - Wavezilla
Running Free | Wavezilla

In this episode Carl Paoli sits down with Darryl Stingley also known as Wavezilla.

Freestyle Way Podcast - Charlie Rocket
Self Love | Charlie Rocket

In this episode of the podcast Carl Paoli sits down with Charlie Jabaley aka Charlie Rocket 🚀.

Freestyle Way Podcast - Diane Fu
My Life’s Mission | Diane Fu

In this episode Carl sits down with his long time friend and fellow coach, Diane Fu.

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You’re an Influencer. Congratulations. But now what?

Influencer or influenced, the best social experiences are those that are truly socially collaborative, driving all of us towards better practices and experiences.

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