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Carl Paoli

Carl Paoli is a self-taught Performance Life Coach with a background as an elite gymnast in Spain. Despite not having a traditional coaching or psychology education, Carl has honed his skills through years of personal experience and a passion for helping others reach their full potential. After retiring from gymnastics, Carl utilized his entrepreneurial spirit to pursue his passion for coaching, leading him to CrossFit and the creation of Gymnastics WOD in 2010. He played a crucial role in coaching Anníe Thorisdottir to back-to-back CrossFit Games titles in 2011 and 2012 and went on to write the New York Times Bestselling book "Freestyle." Carl is also a member of the Ownership Group of STRIKE MVMNT, where he serves as their Global Ambassador. Carl also served as a member of the CCFT Board, contributing to developing the CrossFit trainer certification test, and is the founder of Freestyle Connection, a media and digital learning company based in San Francisco, CA.

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