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"Carl is genuine in everything he teaches. In the Freestyle Connection seminar he demonstrated a genuine desire to help people learn, grow and improve in all aspects of their lives, movement being just one aspect of that."

Laura Mittenthal
Auckland, NZ

"Carl is an absolute legend... Overall, highly recommend his seminars to anyone that is wanting to improve their overall movement or learn something new to take back to their gyms and apply to their athletes."

Kevin Yun
Melbourne, Australia

"Carl I cannot thank you enough. As an older athlete I was impressed by your humility and non judgemental method of empowering us to understand our own bodies and movement."

Elly de Lange
Melbourne, Australia

"I thought I understood what Carl's message was about after reading his book cover to cover, after this seminar I realise it's only just the beginning..."

Jose Vanegas
NSW, Australia

"Knowledge bombs dropped. Great workshop, lots of great takeaways. Carl has such an eye for movement patterns."

Janina Louie
Brisbane, Australia

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