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Season 2 | Episode 13

TASK | Tom Reid

In this week's episode Carl Paoli sits down with his mentor Thomas Reid the author of TASK a book on Performance Based Communication.

About this episode

Imagine you had access to a set of communication tools that you could deploy at any time. This tool kit would increase collaboration and improve the odds of positive outcomes for you and those around you. Furthermore, imagine the instructions were clear and tools simple and easy to use. Would you use them? I believe you would. You now have access to this tool kit, it is called TASK™.

You should know that I am obsessed with helping people improve communication performance and achieve positive outcomes. It is from this place that TASK was born.

Over thirty years of working in a variety of clinical settings, and as a business owner, I have observed the following: if you authentically communicate your thoughts and feelings in a clear, simple and compelling manner while using the tools of TASK, you will achieve greater positive outcomes. As our society migrates from manufacturing industry to service provision, communication becomes the new hot commodity. In this book you will find the tools to help you achieve the positive outcomes that you seek.

We are like machines, both in mind and body. Our thoughts and emotions are the engines that drive our actions, decisions, motivations and course corrections that we make so frequently, thousands of times per day. If you manage and cultivate your thoughts and emotions as an athlete manages physical training and competition preparation, then you will communicate at an elevated performance level as well. You too can become a communication champion.

Listen in to learn what acronym TASK stands for and how it can help you change the game in your relationships, business, and life.

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Season 2 | Episode 13

TASK | Tom Reid

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