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Mediterranean Turkey Wraps
Mediterranean Turkey Wraps

These Mediterranean inspired wraps are made with all real food ingredients. The freshness of the Mediterranean salad, combined with the creaminess of the cream cheese, and saltiness of the sliced turkey is so delicious. And they are easy to make!

hollow body blog final
Hollow body | A progression for movement control

We are natural pushers. Imagine you are driving your car it runs out of gas just a few hundred feet from a gas station. Would you get out and push or pull your car to the gas station?

freestyle connection blog - Standing: The Foundation For Movement Control
Standing: The Foundation For Movement Control

Two of the most common words used to assess the quality of a movement observed in a sport or the gym are form and control. I like to think of form as the optimal technique and mechanics of a movement, and control as the ability to execute those mechanics properly. Being able to perform a movement with form and control is to say that you have mastered that movement.


I can imagine it feels incomplete, maybe confusing, frustrating, scary. Either way, from my perspective I view it as lacking ownership, balance, and furthermore, pride. Whatever it may be, although you seem to be going in the right direction in certain areas of your life the other ones that are being neglected are the ones limiting you from closing the gap with your own potential, and subsequently a sense of fulfillment and self actualization.

Fitness to Wellness: The Journey Without Destination
Fitness to Wellness: The Journey Without Destination

The pursuit of wellness is a journey without destination. It requires patience and perseverance. There is no ‘finish line.’ As humans, we live in a state of constant adaptation. As we evolve our needs and desires change. Similar to fitness, wellness requires training.

Judge and Red Bull BC One Champion Roxrite from the USA performs at Red Bull BC One Cypher Azerbaijan in the former Face Club in Baku, April 15, 2012.
Skills Talk

When It comes to movement, breakdancing is a big influence, inspiration, and foundation to our work in physical education with Freestyle. I was lucky enough to get a chance to interview world renowned b-boy legend, RoxRite, when I was writing Freestyle. Here is what I learned…

Free Style Connection - Old Man Squat
The Old Man Squat

The development of these functions as seen in CrossFit, or any methodology that cares about developing such abilities, can be attributed to the king of all movements – The Squat.

marc pic 2

I worked in them, I trained in them, I travelled in them, and although I was under contract with Reebok to wear their shoes during my “public work hours”, as soon as I was off the clock the Reeboks would come off and the Strikes would come on.

Magical Mayo
Magical Mayo

Ditch traditional, store bought mayonnaises with their junky vegetable oils and make your own!

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