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Season 2 | Episode 18

Chase Wildly | Carl Paoli

In this episode of the podcast the roles are reversed and I take the seat as the guest while I get interviewed by Chase Nelson, the host of the podcast - Chase Wildly. 

About this episode

During our conversation I share my curiosity for the creative process and how being creative in my work as a coach has served me in finding my voice and crystalizing my life’s mission and purpose. We also dive into what led to the shift I made in my business in 2014, when I transitioned from focusing on the physical aspects of performance to now the mental and emotional side of it.

Although the focus has changed the root of helping and teaching people how to move has remained the same. Movement is still the core of who I am as coach, business owner, and family man. To move is the one thing that has given me the most clarity in my life.

We dive into what it’s like to live in a constant state dissatisfaction or in others words, to live in a proactive and constant state of adaptation and change. How the constant search of my true self has become the fuel to my fire and what some would perceive as having the IT FACTOR. I share how I’ve harnessed IT and how I have focused on producing the outcomes I believe can have the most positive impact in this world.

Chase asks me about parenting and how it has effected my life, which you will learn in this episode that it has been a life changer and my greatest lesson in life.

We discuss the benefit of speaking multiple languages, which is something we all do whether we are aware of it or not. We talk about how when one cracks the code that make up different languages, we begin to realize who we are, how we see the world, and how we are currently expressing ourselves. Moreover, we become aware of how we can begin to express ourselves at higher level.

We talk about death and what it means to know that THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

We get into my new coaching initiatives such as Lifestyle Design and the importance of one’s ability to think clearly. I share how we are all mirrors of each other and emphasize the importance of finding your style and doing things your way can be the right way. The Freestyle Way.

I share my relationship with money and how it has changed over the years. I shed light on what I believe you can do to have a healthier relationship with it as well.

We get into how I view and set standards and how these standards are the backbone of my process. In addition, I share how these standards set the tone for the behavior we are modeling which ultimately is producing the reality we live in.

I talk about the importance of communication and what Non Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg has taught me and helped my marriage, my role as a father, a friend, a leader, and a citizen of the world.
We finish the conversation by asking the question I have found to be the one that we can all asks ourselves and which I believe has the ability to provide us with the most valuable feedback. FOR WHAT?

We hope you enjoy this episode and if you did, make sure to go visit Chase Nelson over at the Chase Wildly Podcast.

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Season 2 | Episode 18

Chase Wildly | Carl Paoli

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