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Freestyle Way Podcast - Daniel Peterson
Skin In The Game | Daniel Severin Petersen

In this episode I sit down with my friend and fellow coach Daniel Severin Petersen to talk about his journey from working a job that had him feeling incomplete to traveling the world teaching seminars, coaching recording artist Lukas Graham, and becoming the Director of Training for Freestyle.

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The million-dollar question we ask at these facilities has become, “Why do we move the way we do, and are these movements ‘correct’?” Why are we doing what we’re doing? Is it to get ourselves to improve a movement for the sake of it, or is that movement a stage of a larger progression?

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Skill Transfer

Without an understanding of the concept of skill transfer, we can’t maximize training the basic movement patterns for the purpose of athleticism. The physiological adaptations are important, but the movement patterns are king! Freestyle is connected by skill, applied through skill transfer, and expressed as athleticism.

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The Run Experience

After having to back out of competing at the Ironman World Championships in Kona due to a nagging hamstring injury and not getting a clear answer from my doctors and physical therapists, through strength and conditioning I healed, relearned what it meant to be an athlete, and came back stronger than ever before.

strength and skill
Movement Strength and Skill

How strong do you need to be to squat 500 pounds? We could study this movement and talk about contractile forces at muscular level, but we can also simply say, “Strong enough to squat 500 pounds.

Train, Win, Smile, Repeat
Train, Win, Smile, Repeat

Seeing how all the athletes and coaches that are part of the sport and the CrossFit community have contributed to the growth inspires me every day to continue to push forward and help define how future generations will experience this approach to fitness and lifestyle.

Freestyle connection - Be Proud Project
The Be Proud Project

I didn’t land where I am in the present moment by accident. My dreamer mentality accompanied by a relentless pursuit of my vision built on a a foundation of confidence and self worth have been fundamental for getting where I am today in my personal life and career.

Superman Position
Superman Position

Going beyond the hollow body position while facing down is equally as important to begin adopting a more complete understanding on how our body moves through space. This is why going from a prone position, one can adopt an extended global shape static and with motion. These are known as the Superman and Superman Rock.

Introduction to Performance Based Communication
Introduction to Performance Based Communication

Imagine you had access to a set of communication tools that you could deploy at any time. This tool kit would increase collaboration and improve the odds of positive outcomes for you and those around you. Furthermore, imagine the instructions were clear and tools simple and easy to use. Would you use them?

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