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freestyle connection - Fit to Be
Fit To Be
Video in collaboration with filmmaker Danny Bravens for Nown Stories.  When I first saw some of Carl Paoli's videos I was...
Darryl Stingley - 16 barz
16 Barz
Darryl Stingley represents a modern day breed of human beings that seem to possess supernatural powers when it comes to...
Burpee Mechanics & Skill Transfer 03
Burpee Mechanics & Skill Transfer — Burpee Levels 3+4 (Part 3 of 3)
Once you've nailed burpee level 2 (see previous Part 2 of 3), you’ve done most of the work. Level 2...
Burpee Mechanics & Skill Transfer 02
Burpee Mechanics & Skill Transfer — Burpee Levels 1+2 (Part 2 of 3)
Once you've nailed the jumping and landing positions (see previous Burpee Introduction), you’re ready for the most basic burpee. It’s...
Burpee Mechanics & Skill Transfer 01
Burpee Mechanics & Skill Transfer — Introduction (Part 1 of 3)
The burpee earned its reputation for a reason. It’s a basic bodyweight movement that will not only kick your ass...
Hold The Standard
Have you ever had the opportunity to witness someone stepping into the person they once upon a time set out...
freestyle - 3 student stages
The 3 Student Stages
"Being able to meet people where they are is what will allow full alignment to develop, a greater impact to...
Welcome To Freestyle Connection
Video in collaboration with WeMove Magazine "When I look back on my life to date there are a handful of...
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