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Season 2 | Episode 7

AMRAP Mentality | Jason Khalipa

In today’s episode Carl sits down with Jason Khalipa - The CrossFit Games champion and the Founder and Owner of NCFit.

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In today’s Episode of The Freestyle Way PodcastCarl sits down with Jason Khalipa – The CrossFit Games champion and the Founder and Owner of NCFit.


Jason shares how he started his athletic career by riding BMX and later transitioning into Football where he found Strength & Conditioning and a love for Fitness as he worked the front desk at a local gym. It was through fitness where he started practicing CrossFit which led Jason to taking the tile of the Fittest Man On Earth by winning the 2008 CrossFit Games. While pursuing his career as a professional athlete, Jason decided to simultaneously take his job in the fitness industry to the next level by opening his own gym. A gym that has now grown to over 20 locations around the world.

As Jason juggled being a professional athlete and operating a rapidly growing business, a wrench was thrown into his life when his daughter was suddenly diagnosed with Leukemia. It was at this moment when Fitness helped him navigate this scary period of time in his life, which he did through what he has now coined the AMRAP Mentality – A mindset in which one remains focused, shuts out the noise, commits to hard work, and ads a touch of competitive energy to achieve the desired results. In Jason’s case, the results he was looking for were to remain solution conscious, create a safe environment for his daughter to heal, while making sure that he stayed connected to his family and on top of helping his business thrive.

Jason has now written a book with the title As Many Reps As Possible and subtitled “ Succeeding in competition, business, and life by making the most of every single minute”, where Jason talks about how you too can develop the AMRAP Mentality which has allowed him to find freedom and success in his life.

Jason’s book is now available on Amazon and where a portion of the proceeds will be donated to support children and their families battling pediatric cancer.

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Season 2 | Episode 7

AMRAP Mentality | Jason Khalipa

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