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6 Fold Upgrade

This is a great opportunity for all of us. Although it may be hard for some of us right now, we have an opportunity. The opportunity to see how the way we think, the way we move, who we are surrounded by, our curiosities, our ability to manage what we have, is making us better.

Train, Win, Smile, Repeat

Train, Win, Smile, Repeat

Seeing how all the athletes and coaches that are part of the sport and the CrossFit community have contributed to the growth inspires me every day to continue to push forward and help define how future generations will experience this approach to fitness and lifestyle.

Freestyle connection - Be Proud Project

The Be Proud Project

I didn’t land where I am in the present moment by accident. My dreamer mentality accompanied by a relentless pursuit of my vision built on a a foundation of confidence and self worth have been fundamental for getting where I am today in my personal life and career.

Fitness to Wellness: The Journey Without Destination

Fitness to Wellness: The Journey Without Destination

The pursuit of wellness is a journey without destination. It requires patience and perseverance. There is no ‘finish line.’ As humans, we live in a state of constant adaptation. As we evolve our needs and desires change. Similar to fitness, wellness requires training.

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