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Freestyle connection is more than movement training. It’s movement lifestyle.

Freestyle Way Podcast - Wavezilla
Running Free | Wavezilla

In this episode Carl Paoli sits down with Darryl Stingley also known as Wavezilla.

Freestyle Way Podcast - Charlie Rocket
Self Love | Charlie Rocket

In this episode of the podcast Carl Paoli sits down with Charlie Jabaley aka Charlie Rocket ????.

Freestyle Way Podcast - Diane Fu
My Life’s Mission | Diane Fu

In this episode Carl sits down with his long time friend and fellow coach, Diane Fu.

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You’re an Influencer. Congratulations. But now what?

Influencer or influenced, the best social experiences are those that are truly socially collaborative, driving all of us towards better practices and experiences.

Freestyle Way Podcast - Wicket
This is 40 | BBoy Wicket

In this episode Carl Paoli sits down with his long time friend Gabriel Jaochico aka BBoy Wicket.

Freestyle Way Podcast - Nate Helming
The Run Experience | Nate Helming

In this episode I sit down with Nate Helming, my friend and Co-Founder of The Run Experience.

Freestyle Way Podcast - Daniel Peterson
Skin In The Game | Daniel Severin Petersen

In this episode I sit down with my friend and fellow coach Daniel Severin Petersen to talk about his journey from working a job that had him feeling incomplete to traveling the world teaching seminars, coaching recording artist Lukas Graham, and becoming the Director of Training for Freestyle.

carl and jason (2)

The million-dollar question we ask at these facilities has become, “Why do we move the way we do, and are these movements ‘correct’?” Why are we doing what we’re doing? Is it to get ourselves to improve a movement for the sake of it, or is that movement a stage of a larger progression?

rope climb skill transfer 2
Skill Transfer

Without an understanding of the concept of skill transfer, we can’t maximize training the basic movement patterns for the purpose of athleticism. The physiological adaptations are important, but the movement patterns are king! Freestyle is connected by skill, applied through skill transfer, and expressed as athleticism.

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