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Human Potential

Purposeful Action. Fitness. Success.

"My goal is to assist as many people as possible in becoming physically, mentally, and emotionally fit. When you are fit you can move into a state of being that translates into purposeful action. Being purposeful in our actions is the key to unlocking true success."

- Carl Paoli

Carl's Members Community


The INSIDER Circle is a platform dedicated to sharing the information that came from the Freestyle methodology while building a tight-knit community to serve as a foundation for open dialogue and guidance on Self-Mastery and Movement practices.

Emotional & Mental Fitness

INTERFACE Experience

This workshop is a practical approach to learning how to interface with yourself through writing, meditating, moving, and creating with the intention of developing greater levels of emotional fitness.

1- on -1 Lifestyle and Performance Coaching

True Human Performance

If you are looking to take your performance to the next level and designing a lifestyle that produces life-changing results, this opportunity is for you.

Read About It

What Is Freestyle?

Freestyle was born the day Carl Paoli realized that a lifetime of practicing gymnastics translated into all other aspects of life. In these articles Carl and other contributors share thoughts and studies around how to approach maximizing life performance.

United by Motion


The original movement brand. We celebrate motion and mobility. Our community strives to be healthy, fit, productive and inclusive. STR/KE MVMNT is an athletic footwear and apparel brand that merges technical performance with a classic aesthetic. Together we are United By Motion.

Let's Connect

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