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Seminar Solicitation

for event organizers, box owners and students alike.
  • Participant profile

    All Freestyle courses are open to participants of varying skill levels and abilities. The Seminar and Master Class are geared towards movers, athletes, and coaches, while the Coaches Course is geared towards coaches, gym owners, and physical educators. 

  • Space

    There is a space requirement of 5,000 square feet for all Freestyle courses. The facility needs to have an open, teachable space including empty wall space that can accommodate up to 55 participants. Hosting facilities need to have previous experience hosting similar events and be located within a 1 hour drive from a major city airport. 

  • Equipment

    All courses include a lecture and a theory portion. For seating we request chairs/boxes/benches for all participants and a visible white board. Other equipment needed is:

    Seminar: 10 sets of low rings, 10 2" bands, 1 set of high rings

    Muscle Up Master Class: 15 sets of low rings, 15 1-3" bands, 1 set of high rings

    Beyond Movement Coaches Course: none 

  • Minimum participants

    Hosts agree to a minimum of 20 registered participants 14 days out from the course. If the numbers are short of this, the host facility is responsible for purchasing the remaining number of spots to reach the minimum of 20 registered participants.

  • Perks for hosting

    As a thank you for hosting a Freestyle Workshop or Master Class we offer 3 complimentary spots, and 5 complimentary spots for hosting a Seminar (a value up to $1,475).

  • Course types

    The Freestyle Connection Courses vary in content, but all have an underlying thread of movement philosophy. Please see our Courses Page for descriptions.The 4 different course offerings are:

    1. Movement Seminar- 6hrs
    2. Movement Workshop- 2hrs
    3. Movement Master Class- 2hrs
    4. Coaches Course- 2hrs
  • Registration process

    We handle all course registration! On the day of the course, the course coach will arrive before the start time to check participants in. All that's needed for that is a device connected to the internet. 

  • Course promotion

    We will promote on all Freestyle social media channels and send you a branded image with suggested posting timeline. The host venue is responsible for promoting the course to local and regional facilities online, in the community, local events or competitions, etc.

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