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Freestyle INSIDER

Vision to Reality.

What is the Freestyle INSIDER?

The Freestyle INSIDER is a group coaching program designed by Carl Paoli and dedicated to entrepreneurial-minded fitness, sports, and creative individuals who want to learn how to bring their vision life.

The INSIDER is built around a tight-knit community dedicated to self-mastery through the art of lifestyle design, developing personal brands, and performing at the highest level.


What You Can Find Inside



Active Reflection

Mentorship Monday a space is dedicated to guiding community members toward Thinking Clearly and finding practical solutions for bringing their ideas to life.

Valued at $195 / session

21-Day Guided Journaling is an immersive experience of the power of writing for self-discovery and developing mental clarity.

Valued at $45

Take A Look is a space dedicated to sharing one's practice and getting constructive feedback.

Valued at $100

Coffee Club is a gathering of insider minds dedicated to unlocking the meaning of practice, self-expression, personal development, and contribution to our respective communities and the planet.


Live Events


Lifestyle Design on the structure of our personal operating system and how to identify our habits, roles, priorities, and how we can reorganize ourselves to make decisions that lead to a more meaningful life.

Valued at $100

Being Clear on how to design and create to deliver a powerful message.

Valued at $45

Move Like You Care the importance of developing movement awareness and creating complete movement progressions, and I will address the principles for developing transferable skills.

Valued at $100

Fit To Be on the practices of Emotional Fitness.

Valued at $25


Movement Practice

Programs & Seminars

Freestyle Connection Movement Seminar that includes Carl's Freestyle Method and the practical application of his New York Times Bestselling Book, Freestyle.

Valued at $295

Muscle Up Master Program includes 28 Days of detailed programming designed to assist all levels in learning how to do a muscle-up on bar and rings and for the advanced practitioner to take their performance to the next level.

Valued at $195

Move Strong Program includes 79 movement progression videos plus a 4 Phase Program dedicated to developing movement quality from strength, stamina, and endurance perspective.

Valued at $100

The price of the Programs + Workshops =  + $1,200


The INSIDER Circle includes these programs, workshops,

and NEW monthly content for $59.80/month

Note: You can cancel your membership at anytime.

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What to Expect As A Member

With your INSIDER membership, you will access all of Carl's content. Weekly Mentorship Sessions, Workshops addressing specific topics on the practices of Self-Mastery and Movement (Including the Muscle Up Master Program, Move Strong Program, and the Freestyle Connection Seminar) in addition to, Lectures on various topics, and Coffee Club, where the members of the community get a chance to meet each other and engage in meaningful conversation around all that we are working on in the workshops and much more.

These live events are supported by additional content that you can find in the different designated spaces in the community.

What Insiders Think

I have been looking all around this space/community for the last two days. It is amazing!! Seeing how you have taken so much of what you have created and put it together and how it relates builds connections. So much thought, meaningful work contained within here. It is very encouraging. Thank you so much for the membership. Wow!!

- Kay L.

Are you ready?

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