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Freestyle Programming

The Freestyle training programs are dedicated and designed for anyone that is interested in developing a fundamental understanding of movement that can be applied to any other training method.

They can be used alongside your current training plan, sport, or they can be used as your main focus as each is intended to develop a baseline of general physical preparedness.

  • Learn simple, yet fundamental tools to develop strength, mobility, and lifestyle practices

  • Learn to apply techniques and develop skills that are transferable to sport and life

  • Discover a style of training that works for you

Access to a private Facebook group where users can interact with our Freestyle Coaches and other movers

This program is dedicated to give you a baseline of physical performance to begin to explore human movement through the Freestyle Framework. The 28 Day Onramp will provide you with simple, yet fundamental tools to develop mobility, strength, lifestyle practices, and an ability move in a way that is transferable to all physical aspects of your life.

The bulk of the movements are bodyweight skills dedicated to increase mobility, strength, and intended to develop transferable skills to your current training regimen. The skills include, handstands, hanging exercises, and basic gymnastics flexibility positions such as the splits and bridges. A session last between 15 and 30 minutes and can serve as a warm up or warm down program that you can use to accessorize your current training plan, sport, or it can be used as your main focus as it is intended to develop a baseline of general physical preparedness.


Our Monthly Program is designed to bring consistency and longevity to your movement practice.

Whether starting after the 28 Day Onramp Program or jumping right in, the Monthly Program will take you to the next level and continue your exploration of the Freestyle Training.

The Monthly Program dives deeper into the disciplines of gymnastics, calisthenics, parkour, and even breakdancing, while staying true to the foundation of movement originally developed by Coach Carl Paoli and presented in his book - Free+style.

One of the greatest benefits of joining the Monthly Program is that you will gain access to the private Freestyle Training Facebook Group, which will connect you with the Freestyle Coaching Staff and members of our community. There you will be able to ask questions, get feedback and tips, and share your experience. 

  • Daily overview and descriptions of the workout
  • Movements presented in video form
  • Modifications for exercises
  • Repetitions and time schemes for exercises
  • Tips on how to maximize your effort
  • The ability to log your workouts

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I've been following Carl for years.  Freestyle online programming has been an excellent resource for me. I love that I'm learning so much and am able to log all my workouts from anywhere.


Intermediate Mover
Freestyle Connection Online Programming - Testimonial - Martin Thoran

After just a week I must say that I love the On-ramp Programming. This just the kind of programming that I have been looking for for so many years now!


Beginner Mover