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Welcome to Freestyle Daily Practice

Our daily practice is a 5 to 10 minute accessory program dedicated to CrossFitters and Fitness Enthusiasts of all levels looking to move with elegance.

"The Freestyle Daily Practice is like the Headspace of Movement."

- DSP, beta program use

At Freestyle we believe that if one can move better, they will perform better, and therefore will be better.

Consider us your personal movement coach right in your pocket, which thanks to our mobile app available for iOS and Android will give you access to a brief yet focused daily movement practice designed to help you learn new skills, polish them over time, and have them act as a base for all other physical aspects of your life

Freestyle Training - Daily Practice

Deliberate Practice

“A world in which deliberate practice is a part of life is one in which people have volition and satisfaction.” - Anders Ericsson

We treat our practice as moving meditation where we encourage you to spend 10 minutes or less a day focused on making subtle improvements in how you move which over time will make big changes in how you perform.

Freestyle Training - Daily Practice


“Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.” - Unknown

Although we believe in the importance of developing performance through intensity, at Freestyle we seek to develop quality of movement over speed and power by focusing on intention first.

Freestyle Training - Daily Practice

Pain Management

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Understanding how to move better is like learning how to ride a bike or drive a car. It's a skill that can be developed which has the power of not only relieving pain where you have it but also turning it into strength.

Freestyle Training - Daily Practice

Mental Attitude

“Smart body, strong mind.” - Carl Paoli

The same way you can develop your intelligence, you can develop your ability to move regardless of your age and background. Through the Daily Practice we intend to help you become a student of the game and help you develop what we call a smart body.


The Freestyle Daily Practice is dedicated and designed for anyone that is interested in developing a fundamental understanding of movement that can be applied to any other physical practice or movement discipline.

The Daily can be used alongside your current training plan, sport, or it can be used as your main focus, as it is intended to develop a baseline of general skills transferable to others aspects of life and sport.

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