Freestyle Connection | Carl Paoli
Freestyle Connection is a web site created by Carl Paoli to help people gain understanding through human movement.
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Welcome To

Freestyle Connection.

a site dedicated to understanding through movement.


STR/KE MVMNT is an athletic footwear and apparel brand that merges technical performance with a classic aesthetic. Founded in Vancouver, BC in 2010, we launched our first collection in 2012.  STR/KE MVMNT has since found a foothold among athletes, trainers, and movement enthusiasts alike.  Together we are United By Motion.


freestyle the book

Maximize Your Sport and Life Performance with Four Basic Movements is an interactive way to learn how the body is designed to move through space and how to interact with our constantly changing surroundings. Using this framework and four basic movements, Coach Carl Paoli will help you maximize your efforts in sport and life, regardless of specialty.

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check out our youtube channel, where you can find archived GWOD videos, NEW weekly movement progressions, Carl Paoli’s VLOG and short MOVIES.